:-:Millennium Thermal Solutions announces start of operations as of May 1, 2000:-:
Latest News (June 1, 2001)
Millennium Glaciator update:

The Millennium store is now open and final Glaciator purchase price is US $35.75, a $3.75 handling fee plus shipping charges. Due to the large volume of reservations it is going to take a week to ten days to fill them all. The first round of heat sinks are batch produced and shipped by aircargo every other day so it will take that long just to catch up. The supply issue should be less of a problem when the new die comes on line. I have a contract packager to process the shipping end, Other aspects of the order process are being automated and this should smooth out after a few days. All "Buy" reservations are on file and have priority. when your order comes in it will be compared to the list and processed in order of registration date.

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The Glaciator was designed specifically for "Socket 462 or Socket "A" Motherboards. While it will fit some Intel Socket 370 Boards it is up to you to check compatibility (whether it fits or not). Check it carefully before you order. Link to dimensions

The Glaciator is a very complex piece to manufacture and many obstacles had to be overcome to put it in production without compromising or deviating from the prototype performance. Your continued patience has been much appreciated on this end and I do not believe you will be disappointed.

The final Specifications are:

.18C/W Sink to Air - This is a bench test with a simulated heat source on a 9X11 mm die.

Fan - AddA 2 Ball evercool Rated @ 29 CFM free flow. MTBF is 50,000 hrs. 2.88 W 6000 RPM +/- 10% . 38 dBA

Heat sink - 99.99 pure copper @ 385 W/m-K., Weight is 780 grams.

Thanks again for your patience and support,
Andrew Lemont

Picture of the final production unit



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